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13 July 2018

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Welcome to Conisbrough Ivanhoe Primary Academy ...

If you are considering Ivanhoe as a school for your child, please take a good look at this website as it will tell you a great deal about us and about the way we operate. Ofsted have recognised that we are a good school and has praised us because:

  • Pupils leave the school attaining standards in reading, writing and mathematics that are constantly above that expected for their age and above other pupils of the same age nationally.

2017 KS2 Results:

Maths - 100%     Reading - 91%     Writing - 94%

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar - 100%

But we like to think that we have a lot more to offer. Our mission statement declares:

  • In this place, imagination will be as important as knowledge; children will enjoy a creative, enriching curriculum with school trips they will never forget...

We all hold these principles to be very important: we want our children to have high attainment, but we also want them to love coming to school and to get a great all-round education.

Fundraising at Ivanhoe

We're raising £4000 to transform the "quiet garden" into a beautiful walled and gated garden full of Nuala's favourite colours as a memorial to our lovely girl ...

Please donate to our JustGiving
Crowdfunding Page

and help make it happen!

Twitter Messages from Ivanhoe Academy:

Word of the Week


A firm decision to do or not to do something or the quality of being determined or resolute

See more on Joe's Blog about New Year's Resolutions...

Joe's Blog

We are a school where children and parents have a voice.

Take a look at Joe's Blog to see the range of views that have been expressed over the past couple of years on topics that range from whether we should have Christmas crackers at Christmas dinner to whether or not we should become an academy.

Over 6,000 comments have been made on our blog so far - and every one is regarded as a valuable contribution.

Have you seen our

Picture of the Week?

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School Trips & In-School Events

At Ivanhoe Academy we recognise how important School Trips are to children. This year our school trips will be shown on our Class pages.

We also have the best Events in school. Just click the links to see more ...